Trip Compensation - How to Claim for a Fall

Tripping and slipping accidents can be caused by broken or uneven paving slabs, raised or sunken manhole covers, potholes, slippery surfaces or obstacles or spillages on the floor.

Accidents like this may happen anywhere, whether it is on the street, in the supermarket or at the shopping centre.

How to claim compensation for a fall

Photographs of the hazard that caused your slip or trip will really help your claim, so please try and take photographs as soon as possible before the problem is resolved. Please put a ruler against any tripping hazard before you take the photographs to illustrate its height or depth. Don't worry if you can't get photographs. It is better to have them, but you can still claim without them. If need be, our outdoor clerks can visit the scene and take photos for you.

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a trip or slip anywhere, then we may be able to claim compensation for you.

Always call us or email us first and we'll help you decide what to do.