Child Abuse Claims


Whether you were abused as a child or are claiming on behalf of a child who has been abused, at Advance Legal we recognise how difficult seeking legal advice about child abuse is.

Our team of specialists are experienced in dealing with child abuse claims and will deal with your case in a professional but understanding and discreet manner, and advise on the options available to you. 

Who can I claim against?

Physical, sexual or psychological abuse is a criminal act. Abusers may not have the financial means to pay compensation, but if the abuse took place at an institution such as a care facility or school, or if the abuser was in a position of trust, you may be able to claim compensation through the civil courts against the institution or local authority.

To do so, the local authority or institution must have breached its duty of care and caused physical or psychological injury.

There are time limits to bring a claim which our team can advise you on.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

If you cannot claim against a local authority or other institution, you may still be able to achieve compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

To do so, the abuse must have been reported to the police, and you must show that a criminal act took place in the UK.

There are time limits for making a claim to the CICA so you should not delay in seeking advice.

Making a claim

If you have a case and would like to proceed, we can advise you on the funding options available.

Our team will always be on hand to answer your questions and will keep you informed throughout the process.

For a confidential discussion and further advice contact Helen Froggatt or Dianne Collins on 0800 068 00 69 or via our online contact form.