Client Records Retention Schedule

1. Introduction

1.1 This Record Retention Schedule accompanies and is incorporated into Nelsons’ Data Protection Policy.

1.2 It sets out the time periods that Client Records are retained for business and legal purposes.

1.3 The retention periods are based on business needs and legal requirements. If you maintain any types of records that are not listed in this schedule, and it is not clear from the existing record types in this Schedule what retention period should apply, please contact the Privacy Standards Team for guidance.

1.4 There will be occasions when it is necessary to store archived client files for longer periods

1.5 Special Arrangements for Private Client Files
- 1.5.1 Will files must initially be allocated a destruction date for the year 3000 to ensure they are not destroyed. On their retrieval, they should then be allocated a destruction date 12 years from the client’s death to coincide with the destruction of the probate file where applicable.
- 1.5.2 Ongoing Trust files should not be archived but should be “archived in part” – check with private client staff.
- 1.5.3 Signed accounts on Trust files are kept for 40 years.

1.6 Special Arrangements for matters involving Infants.

The destruction date period should run from the infant’s 18th birthday.

1.7 Any deviations from the retention periods in this Schedule must be approved in advance by the COLP.

2. Client Records and Matter Files

Work Type




047Commercial PropertySecured Lending12
075Commercial PropertyAgricultural - Land Acquisition12
076Commercial PropertyDevelopment Land - Sale7
077Commercial PropertyDevelopment Land - Purchase12
078Commercial PropertyPlot Sales7
079Commercial PropertyPlanning Advice7
080Commercial PropertyAgricultural - Tenancy12
081Commercial PropertyLessor12
082Commercial PropertyFreehold Sale7
082Commercial PropertyFreehold Purchase12
083Commercial PropertyLessee12
093Commercial PropertyLandlord12
120Commercial PropertyHousing - Landlord7
031ConstructionConstruction - Contentious7
033ConstructionConstruction - Non Contentious12
015Corporate & CommercialIntellectual Property7
017Corporate & CommercialInsolvency - Corporate7
022Corporate & CommercialInsolvency - Personal7
025Corporate & CommercialInsolvency - Practitioner Personal7
029Corporate & CommercialInsolvency - Practitioner Corporate7
037Corporate & CommercialManagement Buy Out/Buy In12
038Corporate & CommercialCompany Law7
039Corporate & CommercialCommercial Law7
040Corporate & CommercialEEC/Competition7
041Corporate & CommercialIntellectual Property & TBC7
042Corporate & CommercialDirectorship Law7
043Corporate & CommercialInsolvency - Non Contentious7
044Corporate & CommercialGeneral Commercial Advice7
045Corporate & CommercialAcquisitions & Disposals8
046Corporate & CommercialCompany Formations & Reorganisation7
048Corporate & CommercialCommercial Agreements7
084EmploymentEmployer – Non Contentious7
085EmploymentEmployer – Contentious7
087EmploymentEmployee – Non Contentious7
088EmploymentEmployee – Contentious7
001FamilyInjunctions 7
002FamilyCohabitees Dispute 7
003FamilyChange of Name 7
004FamilyAdoption Private LawCurrent
005FamilyAdoption Public LawCurrent
006FamilyChildren Private Law7
007FamilyChildren Public LawCurrent
008FamilyDivorce/Judicial Separation7
009FamilyMediation - Separate Intake7
010FamilyMediation - Joint Intake7
011FamilyMediation - Child7
012FamilyMediation - Property & Finance7
013FamilyMediation - All Issues7
014FamilyMediation - Private7
021FamilyMediation - Civil7
026FamilyWelfare Benefits7
108FamilyAncillary Relief7
111FamilyChild Support Agency7
016Dispute ResolutionProfessional Negligence7
018Dispute ResolutionCommercial Litigation7
019Dispute ResolutionPrivate Litigation7
020Dispute ResolutionInheritance Claim7
023Dispute ResolutionJudicial Review7
024Dispute ResolutionActions Against Police7
027Dispute ResolutionConsumer & General7
028Dispute ResolutionHousing - Tenant7
030Dispute ResolutionDebt - Advice7
032Dispute ResolutionProperty Litigation7
034Dispute ResolutionDebt Collection7
064Dispute ResolutionPublic Liability7
065Dispute ResolutionProduct Liability7
073Dispute ResolutionCommittees & Tribunals7
089Dispute ResolutionTribunal7
109Dispute ResolutionOSS Interventions7
125Dispute ResolutionEuro Defi Management7
127Dispute ResolutionSchool Appeals7
 062Personal InjuryGroup Action7
063Personal InjuryCICA7
066Personal InjuryClinical Negligence7
067Personal InjuryRTA7
068Personal InjuryIndustrial Injuries7
069Personal InjuryRTA - Small Claims7
100Investment ManagementMortgage Procuration12
101Investment ManagementEndowment12
102Investment ManagementPensions7
103Investment ManagementInvestments - Discrete7
104Investment ManagementInvestments - Non Discrete7
105Investment ManagementGeneral Financial Advice 7
049ProbateWillsSee Notes
050ProbateAdministration Of Estate13
051ProbateTrusts & Settlement Creation7
052ProbateTrusts & Settlement Admin7
053ProbateTaxation Advice7
054ProbatePower of Attorney7
055ProbateResidential Care Advice7
056ProbateNotarial Work7
057ProbateCourt of Protection7
058ProbateDeed of Gift12
115ProbateTransfer of Property12
116ProbateDeclaration of Trust13
082Residential PropertyFreehold7
094Residential PropertyResidential Property – Gen Advice7
095Residential PropertySale7
096Residential PropertyPurchase12
097Residential PropertySale & Purchase12
098Residential PropertyTransfer of Equity7
099Residential PropertyRe-mortgage7
113Residential PropertyMatrimonial Conveyancing12
06AllAgency Work7