Accidents Involving Mobility Scooters

3 March 2016

We have previously written about accidents involving mobility scooters and the suggestion that clearer rules are needed about their use on the highway.

With that in mind, we were interested to note the recent story in the Derby Telegraph about a collision between a scooter and a car which resulted in serious injury to an 85 year old man. It is not yet clear where responsibility rests,  but the accident does again highlight the vulnerability of mobility scooters.

This comes at the same time as an accident reported in the Lincolnshire Echo where an 82 year old scooter rider was killed when he was hit by a car driver who failed to stop.

There is also reference in the Macclesfield Express to a collision between a mobility scooter (on a pedestrian crossing) and a car resulting from the car driver’s poor eyesight.

Mobility scooter drivers sometimes receive bad press and criticism for being on the road at all, but these stories go to show that accidents are not necessarily down to their actions. However, what is beyond doubt is that because of their speed, size and lack of protection, mobility scooters and their riders are particularly vulnerable to serious damage if an accident does occur.

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