Cycle Helmets - Should You Wear One or Not?

26 August 2016

Although it is recommended in the Highway Code that cyclists should wear cycle helmets, there is actually no legal requirement for cyclists to wear them.

In fact, there is even disagreement as to whether cyclists should wear helmets at all. Some claim that helmets mean cyclists feel safer and less vulnerable on the road, causing them to take less care. Others argue that the inconvenience of wearing a helmet means people are less likely to cycle at all, denying them the health benefits of riding a bike.

In an article in the Telegraph, a neurosurgeon argued that helmets are 'useless' in preventing serious injury, and that drivers may think cyclists wearing helmets are more experienced and give them less space when overtaking.

However, many people still think wearing a helmet is the safest option for cyclists, arguing that the protection they offer is better than not wearing anything, and worth the inconveniences.

A recent article has backed this up with research showing that cyclists wearing helmets had a 44% lower risk of death, a 52% lower risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury and a 31% lower risk of facial fractures.

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