£6,000 Compensation for Woman Injured in Swimming Pool Slip

Our client had been swimming at her local leisure centre and was returning from the showers to the changing area. The floor was very wet, as to be expected in a swimming pool changing room, however this centre appeared not to have non-slip flooring to guard against people slipping and falling, as found in most leisure centres. Surprisingly, the centre had recently been renovated, but records showed that the non-slip properties of the floor were not as they should be.

As our client crossed the wet floor, she slipped and fell, breaking her wrist. She was taken by ambulance to hospital, and needed surgery to insert a plate and screws into her wrist. Her recovery was prolonged. Even though the worst of her symptoms settled after about six months, she remained without full movement for much longer.

The defendant firmly denied liability for the accident. They refused to settle the claim, so Advance Legal had no choice but to issue court proceedings against them. Eventually - still without admitting liability, but presumably acknowledging the risks they faced – the defendant agreed to pay our client £6,000 in compensation.

Upon receiving her compensation, our client said that she was “really happy with how [her] case was dealt with”, commenting that Advance Legal “Always kept me informed each step of the way. [I] would happily recommend them to others”.

You might be forgiven for thinking that slipping over on a wet floor is just one of those risks which comes with going swimming. However, even where hazards like that cannot be removed altogether, there is a duty to take reasonable steps to minimise that risk.

If you have had an accident in a public place, contact us to discuss whether you might be able to bring a claim on a 'no win no fee' basis.

Mark House is an Associate at Advance Legal. For advice on pursuing a claim for compensation, please contact Mark or a member of our Personal Injury team.