Slip in a Car Showroom

Advance Legal recently achieved a settlement for our client, Mrs Harris, following injuries she sustained when she slipped over in a car showroom. The floor had been mopped, but it had not been dried and there were no warning signs present.

We pursued a claim on Mrs Harris’ behalf, but initially the defendant denied liability. They argued that the floor would have dried by the time of Mrs Harris’ accident and, in any event, that there were some warnings signs.

We responded with persuasive arguments against their claims, but the defendant would not change its mind, so we had no choice but to issue court proceedings.

Despite liability being denied, once we served court proceedings the defendant could evidently see that they would struggle to defend the claim. They made an offer of £3,000, which reflected the claim's worth and was wholly acceptable.

Mrs Harris, who sustained a soft-tissue injury to her back and pelvis, said: “My case was dealt with efficiently and professionally. The solicitor assigned to my case was friendly and kept me up to date with how the case was progressing. The outcome was totally satisfactory. I’m pleased I approached Advance Legal and that they acted for me. Thanks for doing a great job and making it easy for me.”

The whole claim was concluded in just over twelve months.

If you have been injured in a public place, contact us to discuss whether you might be able to bring a claim on a 'no win no fee' basis.

Mark House is an Associate at Advance Legal. For advice on pursuing a claim for compensation, please contact Mark or a member of our Personal Injury team.