Compensation for Injury in a Shop

Advance Legal has successfully concluded a claim for a client who sustained a black eye, a wound to her forehead and various cuts and grazes when she was hit by a heavy metal gate while visiting a shop.

The client was about to enter a clock shop which had a metal gate positioned in front of the door for added security. However, during opening hours the gate stood open but without being secured in place. A gust of wind caused the gate to swing into the client.

The shop’s insurers vigorously defended the claim, denying that the gate had moved or that it was dangerous. However, the moving gate was the only possible explanation for the accident. Moreover, it would have been cheap and easy for the shop to secure the gate open with a hook, which is what many people do in their homes and businesses.

The team at Advance Legal were satisfied that the client's claim stood a good chance of succeeding, so we issued court proceedings and moved towards trial.  

A trial was listed to take place on 13 May, but just one month before the trial the insurers made a very sensible offer which we and the client were happy to accept.

The client was very happy that the claim concluded successfully and complimentary about the service she received from Advance Legal, stating: “Mark House was very helpful and his advice was very well accepted. He was always pleasant and professional at all times. Thank you Advance Legal”.

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