Compensation for Pot Hole Fall Injury

Advance Legal was instructed by a client in relation to an accident in July 2015. The client was walking home when he was forced to step into the road, due to the pavement being in such a poor condition and obstructed by overhanging vegetation.

However, when he stepped into the road his foot went into a pothole, which was also hidden by foliage. This caused him to fall and sustain an injury to his foot.

We pursued a claim against the local authority, but they denied liability. Therefore we had no option but to commence court proceedings. The council had inspected the area prior to the accident and noted the pothole as requiring repair within five days, but then failed to take any action. We were confident that our client’s claim enjoyed good prospects of succeeding.

Once we had commenced court proceedings the defendant entered into negotiations with us and we were able to settle the claim for £3,500, just over twelve months after the original accident.

Upon settlement, the client said: “My case had an acceptable outcome thanks to the thoroughly helpful and professional people at Advance Legal.”

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