Injury at work settles for £3,000 compensation

Our client worked at a huge international manufacturing plant. Part of his job involved using a large heavy power tool which he had to hold in an awkward position. The company had performed a risk assessment on our client’s job, and the issue with holding the tool had been identified, but nothing had been done to make it safer. By using the tool in this way our client sustained an injury to his shoulder.

The defendant accepted that they were in breach of their duty of care by failing to respond to the risk assessment, but they disputed whether or not our client had actually been injured in the way he described. They alleged that he already had a shoulder injury when he came to work that day!

We obtained medical evidence which supported what our client said, and we responded firmly and robustly to the defendant’s spurious allegations against our client. Eventually we persuaded the defendant to agree to pay compensation of £3,000.

Advance Legal deal with many work-related accidents and we would be happy to discuss your circumstances and to consider whether we could act for you on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

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