Injury at work settles for £7,000

Our client worked in a factory. One of his colleagues placed a heavy, metal cylindrical component on a bench, which promptly rolled off and landed on our client’s foot. The client sustained a fracture to his foot which healed very slowly, and even after the bones repaired themselves he was left with pain and discomfort. He managed to return to work, but being on his feet all day in the factory was particularly uncomfortable.

Advance Legal was recommended to our client by a friend of his who had previously instructed us in relation to his own claim, who was very happy with the service we had provided.

We sent our client’s employer a detailed letter of claim and they quickly admitted liability. We then obtained medical evidence and calculated the financial losses. The accident happened close to our client’s retirement from work, so we decided to wait for him to retire before settling, to see whether not being on his feet all day would help his symptoms improve. It did, and he ended up with a much more satisfactory outcome from his injuries.

The defendant initially made an offer of about £6,500. Although that was fair, we managed to negotiate an increase to £7,000, which our client was happy to accept.

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