Five Figure Compensation for Estate Agent Injured Whilst Viewing a Property

Our client, Mr D, worked for a local estate agent accompanying prospective buyers around properties for sale. As he was accompanying a family around one particular property, the floor in the hall collapsed underneath them and Mr D and one other person fell twelve feet into the cellar.  

An ambulance was called as well as the fire service which had to make the property safe before Mr D and the other victim could be removed and taken to hospital. The case was reported by the BBC.

Mr D contacted Advance Legal for advice. We wrote to the owner of the property, alleging that it was in breach of its statutory duty under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 to keep visitors to the property reasonably safe and claiming compensation on behalf of Mr D for his injuries.  The defendant admitted liability for the accident.

We obtained a medical report on Mr D’s injuries and prepared a schedule of his losses and expenses including a claim for past and future loss of earnings due to his injuries. 

We invited the defendant to make an offer of settlement but when an offer was not forthcoming, we issued court proceedings on his behalf.  

Shortly before service of the proceedings on the defendant the claim was settled and Mr D accepted an offer of £32,000 in compensation.

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