Serious Injuries in Cycling Accident

Advance Legal recently acted for a client who sustained serious injuries in a cycling accident. He was riding his bike in Derby city centre when he was hit by a car as he negotiated a busy junction.

The car driver initially disputed liability, suggesting that our client was at fault. However, after some negations we were able to agree a compromise of 80/20 in our client’s favour.

As a result of the accident our client suffered a serious broken leg, which required him to spend time as a hospital in-patient with surgery. He had to wear a frame on his leg for almost five months, followed by a plaster-cast.

He gradually developed from using crutches to a walking stick, before being able to move around without any aid eight months after the accident.

The client required substantial rehabilitation and his recovery was hampered by infection.

Our client was unable to work for over two years. Despite making a good recovery, our client will always be left with some symptoms, and he is likely to develop arthritis as a result of this injury. He will probably require further surgery in the future.

Once all the evidence had been collected we began negotiations with the defendant.

There was a dispute over the value of the claim which resulted in us having to issue court proceedings. We eventually agreed to settle our client’s claim for £23,000.

After settlement, our client said, “Mark House was very helpful when he took over my case. Easy to contact, ready to answer any questions and to offer good, sound advice, which brought my case to a satisfactory conclusion.”

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