Chef injured at work receives £15,000 compensation

Mr W worked as a chef in a canteen for factory workers. Whilst at work, Mr W fell down some stairs, sustaining an injury to his back.   

Mr W underwent physiotherapy but this did not help much. He continued to work but found it difficult, especially as there was some lifting and heavy work involved in his job. He approached Advance Legal to pursue a claim against his employer for compensation for personal injury.

Mr W alleged that the reason he had slipped was because another employee had spilled liquid on the stairs and failed to clean it up or warn other employees of its presence. Mr W’s employer disputed this and denied liability for his accident.  

Advance Legal obtained medical evidence from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who reported that Mr W had sustained an injury to his back with symptoms which were likely to be permanent. Our medical expert’s opinion was that Mr W would be disadvantaged on the open job market as he would be unable to undertake heavy manual work.

Advance Legal pursued a claim for personal injury on behalf of Mr W against his employer alleging that it was negligent and in breach of its statutory duties to provide a safe place of work for its staff.

Court proceedings were issued on Mr W’s behalf and Advance Legal eventually negotiated a settlement on Mr W’s behalf of £15,000.

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