Compensation for Worker Injured from Broken Glass

Mrs P worked for a well-known chain store in a café in one of their stores.  Whilst at work one day she had to clear up some broken glass.  She was not provided with the correct equipment by her employer and as a result she cut her finger.

At first Mrs P thought that it was just one of those things, but she attended the A&E department where it was found that she had cut one of her flexor tendons and a digital nerve.  She had to undergo surgery to repair the damage.  She required eight weeks of hand therapy and was unable to work for two months.

It was at that point that Mrs P came to Advance Legal for advice.  We pursued a claim for personal injury on behalf of Mrs P against her employer, alleging that it had been negligent and in breach of its statutory duties to provide a safe place of work and the correct safety equipment for its staff.  Mrs P’s employer admitted that it had breached its duty of care towards her.

Inability to use her hand properly led to Mrs P developing carpal tunnel syndrome and she had to undergo further surgery to repair this.  This cured some of her symptoms but she still had difficulty in flexing her hand.

After undergoing further hand therapy and time off work, Mrs P was offered the option of having further surgery to fuse her finger.  She agreed and underwent a third operation and further hand therapy which meant she had to take even more time off work.

Advance Legal obtained medical evidence from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in hand injuries, who reported that Mrs P’s ongoing symptoms and lack of flexibility in her hand were likely to be permanent.  

What seemed to have been a minor accident at the time, in fact significantly affected Mrs P’s life and her ability to work during her recovery.  She, like many other claimants, was reluctant to make a claim against her employer for fear of being judged by other people or how she may be treated at work. 

However, Mrs P was entitled to receive compensation for her pain, suffering and loss of amenity as well as her loss of earnings, travelling and other expenses as a result of her employer’s breach of duty.

Advance Legal successfully negotiated a settlement of £18,000 in compensation and Mrs P was very pleased with the outcome.  

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