Advance Legal settles ankle sprain case for £3,700

Mrs Lameira was walking along the street when her foot twisted over on an area of very uneven paving and she fell to the ground, sustaining a nasty sprain to her ankle.

It was clear that the paving in question was in a state of disrepair which was dangerous, but this particular part of the pavement was not the responsibility of the local Council so they denied liability.

We conducted searches via the Land Registry in order to identify who owned that precise piece of pavement, and we discovered that it was the responsibility of the adjacent furniture shop. We pursued a claim against the shop, which passed it to their insurers, who quickly admitted liability when they saw our persuasive letter of claim.

We valued Mrs Lameira’s claim at just over £3,000, but in the end we were able to negotiate a settlement of £3,700.

At Advance Legal we have dealt with many slip and trip accidents. Often the Council is to blame, but not always. We are experienced in undertaking detailed investigations in order to find the right defendant to seek compensation from on your behalf.

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