Advance Legal assist woman injured in supermarket slip

Miss M was shopping in a well-known supermarket when she slipped on juice which was leaking from a display. She sustained a back injury.  Miss M instructed Advance Legal to represent her in a claim for compensation against the supermarket.

At first, the supermarket denied any knowledge of the accident despite the fact that Miss M had reported the accident to the supermarket staff and completed an accident report form.   

Advance Legal pursued a claim for personal injury on behalf of Miss M against the supermarket, alleging that it was negligent and in breach of its statutory duties to provide a safe environment for its customers. 

It had failed to realise that the display was leaking juice and had failed to take the necessary steps to clean up the leakage and ensure that it did not happen again. Advance Legal produced evidence to show that Miss M had reported the accident in the appropriate way and the supermarket admitted liability for her accident.   

Miss M suffered a soft tissue injury to her back, from which it took her six months to recover. During this time, Miss M had to reduce her working hours for a period of time and suffered a loss of earnings as a result. Advance Legal obtained medical evidence from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and negotiated a settlement on Miss M’s behalf of £2,250 including her loss of earnings.

This case shows the importance of reporting any accident and completing the requisite accident report form at the time of the accident. Miss M also had photographs of the leaking juice on which she slipped and details of witnesses and this was extremely important in proving her claim.

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