Advance Legal obtain compensation of £135,000 for RTA passenger

Mrs M was travelling home as a rear-seat passenger in a car after having been out for the evening with friends. They were driving along the M5 motorway and Mrs M had her eyes shut and was beginning to doze during the journey. Suddenly, the driver of the car moved from the middle lane to the nearside lane and collided with another car. This caused both cars to crash into the central reservation. The claimant awoke suddenly during the collision, confused of what was happening and scared for her life.

The driver of the car which the claimant was travelling in admitted liability; however, that did not mean that the claim could settle simply and quickly from that point. Mrs M suffered multiple, complex injuries which required lengthy treatment and very careful investigation by different experts.

Mrs M instructed Advance Legal to seek compensation for her. Once liability had been admitted, we set about obtaining medical reports and funding for treatment, including counselling for the psychological symptoms which Mrs M understandably suffered as a result of the accident.

Mrs M suffered a fractured collar bone which required surgery and physiotherapy. The doctors were optimistic as to Mrs M recovering from her injury, but her symptoms continued much longer than expected. She tried to return to her two jobs, but ultimately she could not continue working. She suffered a significant loss of earnings as a result.

After we had obtained numerous medical reports and prepared a detailed schedule of the Mrs M’s financial losses, the Defendant eventually agreed to pay her compensation of £135,000. After her claim settled, Mrs M said that it had taken a long time to get there, but it finished with a good result.

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