Aviva calls for road traffic accident claimants to go directly to insurers

21 February 2013

Aviva has suggested that a new process whereby victims put their claims directly to the insurer of the driver who caused the accident would reduce motorists’ premiums. It suggests that lawyers, who act for the injured party, should be cut out the system and that premiums would reduce as lawyers’ costs would not be paid.

Such a system would not be in the best interests of the injured party, and this blog summarises just some of the benefits of using a lawyer rather than negotiating directly with an insurance company.

Why use a lawyer?

  • A lawyer will act in the injured party’s best interests. As the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has commented: “Putting the injured person entirely in the hands of the guilty party’s insurers would create a profound conflict of interest”. Independent advice helps to ensure a fair outcome for the injured person.
  • Getting what the injured party needs and deserves can often be a challenging process. Specialist personal injury lawyers have experience of this process and will be able to reach a fair settlement efficiently.   
  • Research has shown that using a lawyer increases the compensation on offer from an insurer by up to ten times. Insurers are commercial organisations looking to increase their profits by reducing the compensation paid to injured people.
  • A lawyer will advise the injured person as to the right amount of compensation.
  • A lawyer will prioritise the injured person’s needs for rehabilitation.

We believe that the new process suggested by Aviva would lead to unfair outcomes for victims and will leave victims vulnerable.  Please keep following our blog where we will shortly look at cases where we have recovered more for our clients than the insurers have offered.

Advance Legal is a strong, experienced personal injury department and are able to offer no win, no fee agreements to our clients.

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