Advance Legal Succeed in Obtaining £2,000 for a Client Who Tripped on a Highway Defect

27 March 2013

Our client (Miss X) was walking along the pavement, when she suddenly tripped and fell to the ground, injuring her elbow. She had tripped on an old metal socket which was set into the pavement and which was protruding from the surrounding surface. The metal socket had previously housed a bollard to stop cars driving on the pavement, but the bollard was long gone. Without the bollard, the socket was very difficult to spot.

The local council denied liability throughout, but once we had raised a number of persuasive arguments and sent them a medical report, they eventually agreed to pay Miss X £2,000 in compensation. Miss X wrote to us after the claim had concluded, saying: “I am very happy with how my claim has been handled. Thank you very much for your kind assistance”.

Advance Legal has successfully pursued numerous claims on behalf of victims who have suffered an accident due to a defect on the highway. We are able to offer our clients no win, no fee agreements. If you have suffered an accident please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you.

Bronwen Roberts is a Trainee Solicitor at Advance Legal.  Contact Bronwen on 01332 614 511 or another member of the Personal Injury team and they will be happy to discuss your compensation claim with you.