Accident at work settles for £6,200

1 August 2013

In late January 2012 the claimant, Miss Taylor, was working at a factory in Derby as a quality controller. She was assisting with the unloading of a delivery, and standing in the factory loading bay waiting for the delivery driver to reverse the lorry up to the bay.

The lorry had a hydraulic tail lift which was vertical as it was reversing. Unfortunately, the driver of the lorry failed to notice when he had reached the rubber barriers and continued to try to reverse. As a result of this the tail lift fell towards the loading bay floor, striking Miss Taylor on both shins on its way down.

The claimant contacted us in late February 2012 and we acted quickly in contacting her employer to ensure that the CCTV footage of the accident was preserved. The claim was then directed to the employer of the delivery driver. Once they had viewed the CCTV footage liability was admitted.

Miss Taylor suffered a very nasty injury and severe damage to both of her shins and the wounds became infected.We obtained medical evidence from a consultant plastic surgeon. After the medical report was disclosed to the defendant’s insurer, they failed to make any offers as they had confused their own paperwork. They were unsure whether they were acting under the defendant’s road traffic policy or their public liability policy.

Having threatened to commence court proceedings, we were able to negotiate settlement of Miss Taylor’s claim for a total of £6,200. Although Miss Taylor will be left with a permanent scar on both of her shins, this money will hopefully go some way to compensating her for this incident.

Advance Legal deal with many work-related accidents and we would be happy to discuss your circumstances and to consider whether we could act for you on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, just as we did for Miss Taylor.

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